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Frequently asked questions.
Frågor & Svar

Before your visit

Age limits for publicly shown films in Sweden are set by the Swedish Media Council and are a guide for how old you should be to see a certain movie. For more information see Age Limits.

Normally we release the tickets a week before the premiere date.

For certain larger productions we may release the tickets even earlier, up to a month before the premiere.

Our normal rate for tickets are 110 SEK for matiné and children movies and 130 SEK for regular movies.

For movies that are longer than 2 hours 20 minutes the cost is 150 SEK.

For movies that are shorter than 1 hour we lower our rates depending on how much shorter the movie is.

At Saga Bio you can use our own gift cards or Filmstaden’s gift cards in paper, the so called Företagsbiljetter/Company tickets.

For Saga Bio’s own gift cards simply enter the value of the card in the input box found on the booking page.

If you have a Filmstaden gift card, a so called Company ticket (Företagsbiljett), then take the five-digit code found in the top corner and enter into the same box on the booking page.

If you have used a gift card as payment you need to bring this with you to the theater when getting your tickets.

Saga Bio’s gift cards can be bought during business hours at Life in the galleria next doors.

Company tickets (Företagsbiljetter) are bought at your closest Filmstaden or their webpage.

You can also use gift cards as payment at the counter (if these cover the total amount) or online.

Unfortunately, we lack the ability to change a booking after it has been paid.

If you are prevented from visiting, we will “save” your tickets and offer you to come to a later screening of the same film, where you will be admitted subject to space.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer the tickets to be used for another film if the film you wanted to see has stopped showing.

During holidays such as Christmas and New Year, we have limited opportunities to save tickets and offer seats on later screenings. Therefore, we ask our customers to be extra careful when booking. Double-check that it is the right movie and day, and that you have used any gift cards before proceeding to payment.

Start by checking if any money has been drawn from whatever payment method you used. If money has been drawn we will be able to see your booking in our system and can print your tickets when you visit.

If no money has been drawn your payment has for some reason not been processed properly. Check that your payment method is valid for online shopping and then try again.

At the moment we’re experiencing problems with gmail adresses. Please check to see if your email has been sorted into your spam folder.

1. – On the page “Tickets” you’ll find all currently showing films.
For each movie there’s a list of show dates with a link to the booking page.

2. – When clicking this link a pop-up window will show up.

Here you’ll first choose your seats in the salon.
(To not block the system for other customers you have 180 seconds to choose places.)

If you have any gift cards the next step is to enter these into the box marked “Rabattkod” found further down the page and click the plus to add them.
(Remember to add the Filmstaden gift cards separately if they have different five-digit codes.)

Then you fill in your contact details so we know where to send your tickets, and we can contact you if needed.
When done with this step click the “Köp” button, in the bottom right corner.

3. – Next you’ll get a summary of your order. Check to see that everything’s in order.
When satisfied that everything is correct press the “Verkställ” button, in the bottom right corner.

(If you used gift cards that cover the total amount you can ignore step 4.)

4. – If you’re paying with credit/debit card you’ll now be sent to Nets page for internet payment. Follow the instructions on the page, enter your details and approve your order.
Money will be drawn from whatever payment option you used immediately upon approving your order.

5. – A confirmation email will now be sent to the adress you entered and your tickets are available for print there. You can also show your tickets on your phone, if you can’t or don’t want to print them.
If you have a membership account with us and are logged in at the time of your purchase you can also download the tickets from your pages (“Mina Sidor”).

If you have used any gift cards you need to bring them to the theater and leave these at the counter when showing your tickets.

You do not need to be a senior citizen to enjoy our senior film showing. The time and price for these showings are set with our senior citizens in mind but we have no restrictions and welcome anyone that wants to come see a movie.

If a film has the words “Live Action” in it’s title that simply means the film is not animated, in other words a normal movie. You often use Live Action to separate a movie from the same movie that is animated.

Go here, enter your information and click “Fortsätt” (Continue). You’ll get an email with your details that you then can use to log in to our booking page.

At the theater

From september 9, 2020 and onward we are cash free. That means that we do not sell tickets at the counter, unless you have a gift card that covers the total amount, and payment for snacks and drinks are done with Swish.

We always recommend buying tickets online before your visit.

When you buy your ticket with us you’ll get a confirmation message sent to your e-mail. Your e-ticket is attached as a pdf document.
(If you were logged in during your checkout you’ll also find your tickets at “My Pages/Mina Sidor”.)

You can print your tickets and bring to the theater or show the digital e-ticket on your phone.

The ticket is verified at the counter by reading the QR code.

At the theater we have special 3D glasses we will lend you during your visit that you then return when leaving.

Certain movies are adapted for visual interpretation. The soundtrack to these movies are linked to a mobile application, that is independent from the theaters equipment and works everywhere the movie is shown.
Users take part of the soundtrack with their own headphones/headset and the rest of the audience is not affected.

To be able to use the service you need to download the application to your mobile device.

After your visit

We keep a box of lost and found at the counter. If you’ve forgotten something ask to look through the box during your next visit. We take no responsibility for valuables that have been forgotten.

You are welcome to contact us about your visit and give feedback.

Send us an email to [email protected] or contact us at Facebook or Instagram.


You can reach us by phone at 070 662 99 42.
(Please note we can only answer the phone the nights we are showing film, after 19:45. We will answer as soon as we can.)

Or email at [email protected]

Or Facebook or Instagram.